January Meeting

We met January 17th at 5:30pm MST via zoom https://zoom.us/j/362639903

Reviewed the case study slides and how to best relate them to OT-DRIVE. We also discussed the results of the Home Health Care OT Survey (8 respondents) and upcoming projects. Please contact Terri for the recording of the meeting.

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes Colorado Fitness to Drive CoP – January 17 meeting

Attendance: Heidi Spain, Janet O’Connor, Ravi Hunjan, Samantha Kelly, Natalie Uyeno, Esther

Kostopoulos, Jill Kelly, Terri Cassidy

Topic: Slides for medical provider presentation – Workgroup. We discussed that our approach

to the providers should change a little to reflect that we do not place clients into Red, Yellow, or

Green categories until after the OT eval. We need to change our slides to reflect OT

involvement from the beginning. Edited slides will be shared with attendees.

Review of survey results - home care. 8 responses. Overall therapists had varying levels of

comfort with addressing driving and all would like a toolkit to help them address this topic in

their practice.


Presenters needed! To give the presentations that we are working on creating contact Terri.

CSU Program Development Class – students developed a 3 session driving decisions workshop,

this may be operationalized, depending on support by the UCCS Aging Center.

Engaging Mobility website – beginning stages of a new website that is more easily accessible.

Domain will be engagingmobility.org

Engaging Mobility Podcast – I would love your ideas!

Next Meeting Next meeting February 21st

Upcoming Events CarFit Coordinator Training January 23rd